Wednesday, September 24, 2008

We LOVE Jungle Java

The kids and I tried out a new place we saw advertised in the paper, it is called Jungle Java and we LOVE it! We have only been there 3 times but we enjoyed it so much we booked Jaxon's Birthday party there the first time we went! Here are some pics:

They serve Smoothies, Wraps, "Java", Salads, etc. and have Gluten-Free and Casein -Free food!

Both of the boys had a blast. They even have a "Toddler Safari" area perfect for Jameson.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008



Wow, I cant believe my baby is in SCHOOL! I think this will be great in preparing him for Kindergarten. Currently, there are two children that can write their names in the class, Jaxon being one of them. I was surprised to hear this.

The first day there was a minor incident but Tuesday and Wednesday went very well. Jaxon is such a big boy, riding the bus, being responsible for his lunch money and returning library books, etc. He is very excited and comes home sharing stories and singing songs, its wonderful!

This is the story that he shared with me today!

Apparently his friend dropped his taco "with dark meat" and a little girl slipped on the taco, fell and had to go to the nurse. "She had a bad day"

Although this story is NOT funny, whatsoever, hearing him relay this to me was. The fact that he said the taco had "dark meat" cracked me up!

I can only imagine the stories he is sharing at school! lol

I look forward to this school year, and seeing the improvements in Jaxon's speech, writing, and reading skills.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Our grand adventure

Our mission today was to find a pair of shoes for Jamie. I had a plan! We were going to stop by the toy store first, so he could pick out a toy and then he was going to be so intrigued with this new item, that he was going to "not notice" the man measuring his feet for his accurate shoe size.

We made our first stop at Terratoys, LOVED IT! Jamie picked out a blue and yellow bell! He was in little baby heaven and wanted EVERYTHING! Saying This? and That? at every single toy we passed! So, with the new toy in hand, we preceded to our real destination, Sandy's Shoes. They have a huge selection of beginner shoes and the staff was amazing! Jamie did very well,after a long, drawn out decision process, We chose a navy blue pair of New Balance. Jamie loves them, I love them, we are both very happy! However, he has already mastered getting the left shoe off!

Here are some pics from our shoe adventure today!

I'm IT!!!!

I was tagged by my dear friend Rose, so here are 6 random facts about me!

1. I LOVE Britney Spears, I know she cant sing well, but that doesn't matter. I have all her songs on my ipod and I LOVE IT! I even have a dance routine that I do to the song TOXIC when I clean my house! (DORK)

2. I am addicted to Sonic Unsweetened Tea! I drink it every single day!

3. I want a College Degree in Journalism, Radio, Television, and Film, and Photography.

4. I dislike it when people who are not parents find it neccessary to give me parenting advice!

5. I have been "diagnosed" with Hashimoto's Thyroiditis


Saturday, August 16, 2008

Jamie has a girlfriend!!!

Jameson made a new friend today at Chelseas Birthday party, little Kayden is absolutely gorgeous and Jamie was fascinated by her.

Here are some of the pics from the pool party!



She is just too darn cute! Walking at 8 months
Getting these two to take a pic was quite the challenge

Just had to throw the last one in for kicks!

Monday, August 11, 2008

The little ones

Well this year has been fast and furious but we made it! Little Jameson is officially 1!! His birthday party was a success and lots of fun. We had a "Bee Movie" pool party and all the kids had a blast.
Jameson has recently found his high pitch notch and we are working on nipping this in the bud! I think he likes the way his voice sounds when he shrieks!!! lol We however do not feel the same excitement about it as he does!

As for Jaxon.. This guy is SO excited about "school" he cant stand it.He will go on Tuesdays and Thursdays! YAY! We are ALL excited about this, and it will allow some one on one time for Jameson and I, which I cant wait for and is desperately needed.


Friday, July 18, 2008


I wanted to make my first blog an update on the boys! Both are doing REALLY well. Jameson turns 1 next month and is having a pool party on Aug. 2nd! I cant believe my BABY isnt a baby anymore! He is SO sweet and such a big boy now! Jaxon will turn 5 in October and is fascinated with telling time and "reading"! He is an amazing big brother and always willing to help! Both boys are TOTAL water babies and LOVE going swimming! We have had a great summer and spend almost everyday at the pool now that Jamie is out of the casts! Here are the most recent pics I have of the boys!

Things are going well with Jamie. We finally got ahold of the chrisofix (see below) which is an alternative to the boots and bars. Jameson cannot handle the boots and bars for 12 hour periods. His skin is too sensitive and we have to make sure the boots are on really tight or he kicks them off, so we have decided to go a different route. We ordered the chrisofix last week from Dublin and it can take up to 28 days to arrive so we are waiting patiently!

Here are the details on the Chrisofix:

Chrisofix Club Foot Corrector For Babies
This small Club-Foot Corrector is very light and does not burden the baby in any way. It provides extremely low risk for inducing decubitus. Easy to make corrective re-adjustment and to remove and re-apply for hygienic purposes. Indications: For correction of deformities of the feet (e.g. pes adductus, pes calcaneus, pes supinatus etc.); For ensuring the correction of feet abnormalities after surgery or after application of a circular plaster cast. Splints are covered with cotton and polyamide and fixed with a hook and loop fastener.