Sunday, July 5, 2009


The boys got a new playhouse, or castle I should say and have been basically living in it since Friday!

Jaxon decorated it with dinosaurs and even added his Spiderman couch so they have a lounge spot. Jamie is fascinated with opening and closing the door, and has mastered the sentence "I play outside, Mama" here are just a few pics of our weekend fun.


My mom decided to take her kids and all her grand kids on a vacation, destination....GREAT WOLF LODGE, SO much fun.

Jaxon's primary goal was MagiQuest, where you purchase a "magic wand" and go on quests and adventures throughout the entire 8 floors of the hotel with your final quest being a chance to slay the dragon! Jaxon was off with his cousins and I didn't get to see him much LOL

I thought it would be a good idea to get Jameson a "wand" too so we got him a soft sword and he thought he was tough stuff for about an hour, he would point that thing at every single thing we came across, including trash cans, he then realized that this wand did not open treasure chests or allow the pixies to talk to you and he was "ALL DONE" and determined to get a real wand and lose the baby stuff. Off we went to get Jamie a wand and he was in magi heaven!!!

The water park was awesome, my little jaxon had no fear and rode every single water slide he was tall enough to ride, even trying the biggest one, just in case, but promptly reminded by staff the he was too short. (shucks) lol

Jamie got some water action too, we attempted (only once) to let him go down the little bitty baby water slide by himself, he went under of course, bonked his head on the soft padded slide and exclaimed "ALLLLLLL DONE!!!" The wave pool was a big hit with Jameson, he thought the huge (not really) waves crashing on his tummy was great fun. We also did Crooked Creek which is a lazy river where he and I shared a float and lounged around.
He was busy the entire time. The little guy woke up at 6am both mornings, the first morning he walked out of our room into the living room and SHRIEKED "WHERE'D NANI GO?" which equaled good morning all!! The second morning it was "AIRPLANE" and again, all were awake.
Jaxon had alot of fun hanging with his cousins, riding rides and going on all the little magic adventures, he was unstoppable.
Thank you mom for the amazing vacation, i don't think we could of gone to a better place for all 5 kids. They all had such a good time, cant wait for more pics... I will add them to this post as i get them

Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Rose


Just a few random words for you (kind of inside jokes) lol
1. Pizza
2. Edward
3. Barn
4. Night Fishing
5. Burning Ice
6. Budweiser Superfest (do you remember this?)
7. Texaco
I love you girl, am glad you had a great birthday and wish I could of been there to celebrate with you. Hopefully, there will be a Have a Heart for EB event in February and we can all get together.

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For those who dont know!!!

Jameson has been walking for over a month and we are SO EXCITED!!! He is an amazing toddler and loads of fun. His favorite things are keys, bubbles, music, dancing and swimming. He is a chatter box, just like his mommy and is very independent. He says "i do" when it comes to anything from brushing his teeth or his hair to getting in the carseat and trying to buckle up! He is a very determined little guy and he makes us laugh every single day.

Here is the video of him when he first started walking.......

Jaxon has finished Pre-K and will start Kindergarten in August. He is a daddys boy for sure and looks and acts just like him. I often wonder if he is going to be a Comedian, he is a pratical joker, and loves reading, dancing, and swimming. He is such a big boy and will turn 6 in October, wow how time flies.He is my little helper, and adores his baby brother. Here are some of the latest pics of JAX

Friday, May 15, 2009


Today we spent the afternoon with our Floridian friends, Rose and Colin. Such Fun!!! We met at Mesa Rosa, yum! The boys did well with each other, Colin nicknamed Jameson "J.J.", too cute..

After lunch, we went to Jungle Java, the boys were thrilled and they had lots of fun.

I love my dear friend Rose, and little Colin and didnt realize just how much I miss her until it was time for her to leave :~(

Monday, April 20, 2009


We spent Sunday at my parents house, they built a treehouse for the grandkids so we went to check it out. Jaxon had a blast, he probably climbed the rock wall over 50 times, and he enjoyed hanging out in the fort. Jameson played in the "pool" (our old sandbox) lol and thought he was REALLY cool and such a big boy! Here are some pics of such a wonderful day

Monday, March 30, 2009


What a great way to wrap up Spring Break! We had a blast, we spent the entire day at the zoo with my mom, sister, nephews, and neice. Jameson LOVED being outside and Jaxon enjoyed time with his cousins.

I think the Giraffes were my favorite, they were SO close!

Jamie's favorite part was the PLAYSCAPE, he kept asking "again, I play, more??????" FUN FUN

I guess Jaxon's shorts were a bit too big lol


My butterfly boy!

BFFS (for the day) end the long fun day with a hug