Monday, April 20, 2009


We spent Sunday at my parents house, they built a treehouse for the grandkids so we went to check it out. Jaxon had a blast, he probably climbed the rock wall over 50 times, and he enjoyed hanging out in the fort. Jameson played in the "pool" (our old sandbox) lol and thought he was REALLY cool and such a big boy! Here are some pics of such a wonderful day


Rose said...

love these boys!

Marie said...

We DID have alot of fun. I don't know who was more excited....Papa for seeing Jaxon's smile or Jaxon himself! And Jamie did think he was hot stuff haha. Who would have thought an old sandbox would bring so much fun as a pool??? Wait until we build the horseshoe pit and the putting green. We'll have something for everyone! LOL