Wednesday, May 20, 2009

For those who dont know!!!

Jameson has been walking for over a month and we are SO EXCITED!!! He is an amazing toddler and loads of fun. His favorite things are keys, bubbles, music, dancing and swimming. He is a chatter box, just like his mommy and is very independent. He says "i do" when it comes to anything from brushing his teeth or his hair to getting in the carseat and trying to buckle up! He is a very determined little guy and he makes us laugh every single day.

Here is the video of him when he first started walking.......

Jaxon has finished Pre-K and will start Kindergarten in August. He is a daddys boy for sure and looks and acts just like him. I often wonder if he is going to be a Comedian, he is a pratical joker, and loves reading, dancing, and swimming. He is such a big boy and will turn 6 in October, wow how time flies.He is my little helper, and adores his baby brother. Here are some of the latest pics of JAX

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Marie said...

Love the pictures of the boys. Jaxon really is his daddy! And Jamie looks so sweet! Can't believe how big they are both getting. I love to watch Jamie walk, talk with Jaxon about "important" stuff like weddings, etc. LOL